Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Opening our hives for the first time!

Sara had come into help us around how bees work, how we can take care of our bees and the things we need to keep them safe. Sarah had then refreshed us all on the whole bee problem and all the effects the bees have on society and every thing causing them to die. She told us about brood frames (where the larva are) and honey frames (food storage for the bees). She also taught us to act calmly around the bees.

Sara teaching us about the different types of frames in a hive.
A team effort!

We then suited up in our bee suits ready to head out and see where the bees nest. So we headed outside to see the beehives and went to the back of dance and drama department where the hives are hiding.

We then arrived at the location that the bees were nesting or being held. Sarah opened up the bee hive and then we got to explore how the bees work, how many bees lived inside the beehive and we got to hold a frame of bees and have a closer look as a group at the bees and how they function.
A full frame of bees is heavy!

Busy bees at work! You can see the different colours collected from different types of flower in our neighbourhood.

The Queen of the hive
It was an amazing experience and learnt some interesting facts about bees along the way.

~Jesse and Aaron