Sunday, 10 September 2017

An arduino soil moisture sensor

Our project has been to use an arduino and soil moisture sensor to hopefully control a watering system for our garden in the future.

An arduino redboard
A soil moisture sensor
So far, we have figured out how to get our chromebooks to talk to the redboard and used codebender to find the right code to program the sparkfun redboard so that we can use the soil moisture sensor, and we looked at new codes to improve the work. We noticed that when we put the soil moisture sensor in the water it showed up with a number in the 800’s meaning that the higher the number the more moisture there is, but when you grab a plant with soil inside the it has a higher number (in the 900’s). Once you take out the soil moisture sensor then it drops down to 0. In the moistened soil area (it is in the 900’s) and the dry soil the numbers drop to (around the 860’s). We still need to figure this calibration out!
Figuring it out
Our next steps are to find out what the problem with the numbers is, try to hook up a temperature sensor, and see if we can control a hose.

~Te Anau, Harlem, Noah and Jordyn

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