Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Growing strawberry plants from cuttings

Today Tuhua, Trey and I planted strawberries in pots. The purpose of planting the strawberries was to learn how bees can help in plant growth and help us to learn how to grow our own food for future references so this project was not only for the life of bees but for our own purpose as well.
Tuhua and Trey finishing up
The plants were stored in a bucket of water from Trey’s Granddad. We put them into pots that had the soil filled to the rim, after that The strawberries needed 200ml of water each to stay healthy and hydrated. While putting the soil into the the pot we had to be careful and look for any white flies (bugs) and keep them off the strawberries to make sure our plants can stay healthy. During this process we had to be gentle with the roots to make sure they weren’t ripped or else it would put a halt to its growth life. The process was only 20 minutes to finish planting the strawberries. There were 10 pots used and 10 strawberries planted. We sprayed the plants with organic bug spray to kill the white flies.
White flies are just visible in this photo
So far only five are expected to grow big and healthy but if we get more than five it is expected to be a success. We just need to keep an eye on them for watering and make sure they get some sun.

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